Judge rules in favor of RPO

10:11 PM, Feb 04, 2013

Written By CATHERINE ROBERTS Staff writer

A request to void the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra’s annual meeting was unsuccessful, the RPO board said Monday.

Supreme Court Judge Kenneth Fisher denied a request by local attorney Eileen Buholtz, who wanted RPO members to be able to vote for a slate of write-in candidate. The RPO had said the deadline for submitting candidates was not met. Buholtz is aligned with a community group supporting Arild Remmereit and advocating for change in RPO leadership.

The RPO board has voted to fire Remmereit for not fulfilling his contract. He and his attorney have said he did follow the contract.

Fisher ruled the issued Buholtz raised were moot and that she misused her subpoena authority, the RPO said. Buholtz could not be reached for comment Monday night.

The RPO is pleased with the outcome, and hopes that this will put an end to a small group’s attempts to disrupt the RPO’s operations.” the statement said.

The RPO Community Group has said its next step will be to organize a slate of candidates for next year.