Rochester's Morgan Twins on 'The Voice'

05:00 AM, Apr 01, 2013

Cara Morgan, left, and twin sister Rhian have made Blake Shelton's team on The Voice. (KATE MELTON)/

Written By Jinelle Shengulette

To watch

The Voice.
When: 8 p.m. Monday.
Where: NBC, WHEC-TV (Channel 10).

Identical twins Cara and Rhian Morgan set the bar last week on The Voice. They were first to take the stage, and had all four celebrity coaches turn around, securing them a spot in round two.

This is the second time the 27-year-old Morgan Twins have advanced in a reality show. Eleven years ago, they made it to Hollywood week on American Idol. They were eventually cut after they refused to split up.

American Idol producers didn’t know blond-haired, blue-eyed women very well.

We always finish each other’s sentences or say the same thing,” says Rhian during a recent interview in her Penfield apartment.

We’re so close that we really can tell if something’s not right,” she says. “Or just by one look from her, I know what she’s thinking. And if we’re lying to each other, we can automatically tell — there’s no getting past that at all!”

In fact, there was silence when asked to name their personality differences. After a few minutes of deliberation, and suggestions such as “Cara’s love of bulldogs” (she has one named Snot), the conclusion was that perhaps Cara has more stage presence.

Cara sang only five words of Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’” before Blake Shelton and Usher both turned their chairs around, signaling their vote for the twins. Moments later, Rhian joined in. The 13.5 million viewers could see Shakira motion to Adam Levine about 10 seconds later, asking if there were two singers onstage.

Ultimately, it was the twins’ spot-on harmonies that got the last two coaches to turn around mid-song. As Shakira said, “It sounded like one voice with a chorus effect!”

It was a toss-up until the end whether the twins — dressed in red bandage dresses and black 4-inch heels — would end up on Shelton’s or Usher’s team.

In the end, after whispering on stage about it, they said Shelton’s name in unison. He was the first to turn around for them, and he seemed the most passionate about gaining the twins on his team. (“This is a dream come true for most men,” he joked, likening them to a Doublemint commercial.)

Most importantly, the Morgan Twins hope to further a career in country music.

On a recent break between filming rounds one and two, the sisters had just enough time for local TV, radio and print interviews, singing the national anthem at a RazorSharks game and answering social media fan mail.

I haven’t left my phone or computer since that aired, and I’ve never felt so supported and gotten so much love from people,” says Rhian, seated on her living room floor behind a plate of apples and peanut butter.

I know! I went through our Facebook messages and there were about 50 of them. And I wrote back to everyone saying ‘Thank you,’ and it took hours,” Cara says. “It was the best feeling in the world.”

And what are they looking forward to most during round two of The Voice, on again Monday?

Winning,” Cara says.