New on DVD: 'Pitch Perfect,' 'Total Recall'

05:00 AM, Dec 20, 2012

Beca (Anna Kendrick, center) joins Lilly (Hana Mae Lee), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean) and Stacie (Alexis Knapp) in The Bellas, an all-female a cappella group. Peter Iovino, Universal Pictures/

Written By by Steve Jones, USA TODAY

Pitch Perfect2012, Universal, PG-13, $30; DVD+Blu-ray, $35

Barden University freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick), who’d rather be producing music than attending college, joins the Bellas, an all-female a cappella group, to prove a point to her father. As the band struggles to make nationals, Beca and the group’s leader Aubrey (Anna Camp) clash over their musical direction. Meanwhile, Beca has to sort out feelings for Jesse (Skylar Astin), of the rival Treble Makers. USA TODAY’s Claudia Puig says *** out of four: “The spirited a cappella singing in Pitch Perfect makes a predictable, feather-light coming-of-age film irresistibly fun.”

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days2012, Fox, PG, $30; DVD+Blu-ray, $40

The third film in the series based on Jeff Kinney’s books finds “Wimpy Kid” Greg Heffley trying to avoid a variety of onerous summer vacation activities planned for him by his parents. Most of his tactics, including pretending to work at the country club, backfire and he has a variety of mishaps at the pool, beach and wilderness camp. USA TODAY’s Scott Bowles says **1/2

Total Recall2012, Sony, PG-13, $31; DVD+Blu-ray, $41

Colin Farrell stars as a factory worker on post-apocalyptic Earth, who discovers that he is really a secret agent with false memories implanted. The discovery exposes a government conspiracy and to stop the plot, he has to survive his murderous fake wife (Kate Beckinsale), getting help from his former lover (Jessica Biel). As his real memories return, so do his skills. Puig: **

Trouble With the Curve2012, Warner Bros., PG-13, $29; DVD+Blu-ray, $36

Aging baseball scout Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) gets one last chance to prove to his team that he’s worth keeping around. He is sent to evaluate a hot new prospect. His eyesight is failing (though he won’t admit it), but luckily his daughter Mickey (Amy Adams) tags along to help him out. He reconnects with friendly rival Johnny Flanagan (Justin Timberlake), who also takes a liking to Mickey. Puig: **