Jack Garner's DVD Plan B

12:00 PM, Apr 03, 2013

Written By Jack Garner

As an alternative, critic Jack Garner recommends:

THE RISING OF THE MOON. The great John Ford is, of course, a director to whom attention must be paid. Thus, I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to see this rarity, a film he made in 1956, directly after The Searchers, as a gift to the Irish film industry. The 81-minute black-and-white feature is made up of three short films. The first two are bits of Irish whimsy — about a constable trying to serve a warrant for bootlegging on an old friend, and about a train’s “one minute stop” at a station that turns into 20 minutes of bellying up to the bar and clowning around. The final is serious: The proposed hanging of an Irish rebel who is saved from the noose by various friends and sympathies. It’s now at Amazon and other websites, including warnerarchive.com.

Director: Ford.

Cast: Tyrone Power (narrator), Cyril Cusack, Noel Purcell, and Donal Donnelly.

Jack’s rating: 9.

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