'If I had a superpower, it would be ...'

05:00 AM, May 08, 2013

The winner of our 'Iron Man 3' contest has been chosen. Film Frame/AP/

Written By by Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY

On Monday I launched an Iron Man 3 giveaway, which offered a prize package including T-shirts, an iPhone case and more. I’m happy to reveal that Pop Candy reader Joseph B. won the contest. Congrats!

Each person who entered was required to finish this sentence:

If I had a superpower, it would be …”

Below is Joseph’s response, along with a few others that caught my attention:

… ‘Insomnia Man.’ I would never be tired and never need sleep. That way, I could accomplish everything my kids, wife and myself need done in a day.” (Joseph B.)

… knowing what to cook for dinner that everyone will like each night!” (Dana D.)

… Grammar Woman. I’d rid the world of bad texts and tweets in 140 characters or less.” (M. Gilmore)

… to turn water into ice cream.” (Lee S.)

… the ability to get into any Comic-Con panel without waiting.” (Mike N.)

… to turn everybody into teddy bears. Imagine battles ending with a few more hugs.” (Ron R.)

… the ability to make it where the Star Wars prequels never happened.” (Brian D.)

… to not have to go to the bathroom.” (Rachel A.)

… the power to make people giggle out loud for no reason. Totally useless in fights, but it would amuse me.” (Anonymous)

… perfect comedic timing.” (Chris D.)

… the ability to jump onboard any cruise ship at will.” (Adam K.)

… to know the exact right gift to buy my wife on her birthday.” (Lisandro Z.)

… the ability to hit a golf ball in the direction I want it to go.” (Stu M.)

… to convert ice cream to muscle.” (Michael F.)

… to make my student loans disappear.” (Andre F.)

… the ability to instantly calm crying children on airplanes.” (Meghan S.)

… to win any contest I entered. Can’t blame a guy for trying.” (Tim H.)

Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more giveaway opportunities!