'Birth.Movies.Death.': Read a new film mag

05:00 AM, Jul 01, 2013

The Alamo Drafthouse has launched a new film magazine. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema/

Written By by Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, you know how memorable it is to see a movie there. (I’d say the Alamo in downtown Austin is my favorite theater in the country — and I’ve been to a bunch!)

The Alamo and Badass Digest have just unleashed a new magazine for theatergoers and movie fans across the country. Birth.Movies.Death. focuses on a different theme each month, and the first issue is online now.

This month’s monster theme is inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim and includes an interview with the director, as well as a tribute to visual effects master Ray Harryhausen.

Other features include “Godzilla: King of All Comic Book Monsters” and “The Mysterious Origins of Voltron”; I’m interested in these based on the headlines alone.

It’s exciting to read film coverage from such passionate writers. Enjoy the issue, and please don’t text at the theater!