Exclusive: Preview Michel Gondry's new movie

05:00 AM, Nov 20, 2013

'Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?' opens in theaters Nov. 22 and goes on iTunes Nov. 25. Sundance Selects/

Written By by Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY

I’m a longtime fan of Michel Gondry, especially because of his commitment to making smart, original films he truly believes in rather than blockbuster no-brainers.

Gondry’s latest effort, Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?, examines linguist, philosopher and MIT professor Noam Chomsky. And while the subject matter is slightly unconventional in itself, Gondry goes a step further by animating it.

Today I have an exclusive scene from the movie, and I was surprised by how moving it was. After seeing the animation and hearing Chomsky speak about the love of his life, you just might put this on your to-watch list.

Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? opens in theaters Nov. 22 and will be available on iTunes Nov. 25. You can see the trailer over at apple.com.