Barhopper: Richmond's

05:00 AM, May 02, 2013

Richmond's at 21 Richmond St. has gotten a makeover thanks to owners Jeff and Lin Boscarino. The bar has a full calendar of events scheduled. (Leah Stacy)/

Written By Leah Stacy


Location: 21 Richmond St.
Hours: noon – 2 a.m., Monday through Sunday.
For more info: (585) 270-8570 and

When they returned from their August 2007 honeymoon, Jeff Boscarino took his new bride, Lin, to visit the storefront at 21 Richmond St. Lin still recalls Jeff’s persistence in showing her the building, which housed a rundown bar at the time.

He kept saying, ‘there’s this place I want you to see,’ ” she said. “We walked in, and I was like, ‘ew, why this?’ “

Up until that point, Jeff spent 20 years in the bar industry, managing the Penny Arcade in Charlotte from 1987-1993, Bosco’s Bombay Bicycle Club (where Lux is now located) on South Avenue and Paradise Alley on Goodman and Monroe, among others.

When Richmond’s became available, the couple decided to take a chance and buy the property. Lin still has photos from the first walk-through in fall 2011. Wires hung from the ceiling, and the floors were dank and stained with old beer. The reputation of the bar – once a popular hangout for local media personnel, cops, EMTs and firemen – was poor when it closed in January 2011.

We couldn’t get away with just cleaning it up, it was a nightmare,” said Jeff. “All the contractors looked at each other and said, ‘It’s gotta go,’ so we gutted it.”

The wood countertops were replaced with intricate mosaic tile work. Soft globe lights were hung above the bar, and the kitchen is now open so customers can watch their food being made. The basic layout and the name remained, however.

We wanted some semblance of the former bar, because we want to see that crowd come back,” said Jeff.

Staff, led by the Boscarinos, worked together to build a schedule of events and a customized menu.

Part of the new menu includes a partnership with local food truck Marty’s Meats. A page of the menu is devoted to Marty’s, and orders can be placed at the bar and picked up at the food truck parked outside for a limited time each day.

The Boscarinos recently purchased the land behind Richmond’s (bordering Charlotte Street). It’s currently being prepped for outdoor concerts, lit parking and biker nights.

Richmond’s has a full calendar of live music, karaoke and ProJam events scheduled.

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